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OWA Dinner 2015
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27th August , 2016

1st XI Away
v Streatham
2nd XI Home
v Guildford
3rd XI Away
4th XI Home
BPC Winners
Mar. 2016 Draw
£1000 Willy Burke
£120 Dave Cunningham
£80 James Kennedy
£50 Tony Woellwarth

Leeds Brewery

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Michael Holman SJ

Former and retired
College staff

Led by College prefects
at 6.00pm.

Chapel at 6.30pm

In the old Locker Room where you can share memories and tales of
days gone by in a relaxed atmosphere with former staff and friends.

Organise a table of your contemporaries, invite friends. Don’t miss this opportunity. Numbers are limited to 150 and demand is expected to be high for this, the 90th dinner.

Download Booking Form

The College also celebrates 125 years in 2017. Further details in due course.


Download the Booking Form here
Posted 26th August, 2016 From Evan De Silva

Teams for Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th August 2016

Sat 1st XI

Sat 2nd XI

Sat 3rd

Sat 4th XI

Sun Home

Streatham & Marlborough


Streatham & Marlborough


8 a side Tournament

Please come and support


Home 1


Home 2


Start 12.00

Start 12.00

Start 12.30


Results for 20th/21st August

Saturday 1st XI vs Addiscombe (Away)
OWCC lost by 7 wickets OWCC 2 points, Addiscombe 20 points
OWCC 191 all out in 46.1 overs (Singh 88, W Parker 24, Majid 22, Thomas 21)
Addiscombe 194 for 3 in 43.4 overs

Saturday 2nd XI vs Old Ruts (Home)
OWCC lost by 6 wickets Old Ruts 20 points, OWCC 0 points
OWCC 129 for 9 in 39.1 overs (Culley 40, Smith 41)
Old Ruts 133 for 4 in 32.1 overs (Jacobs 2-20)

Saturday 3rd XI vs Valley End (Home)
OWCC lost by 8 wickets OWCC 0 points, Valley End 20 points
OWCC 73 all out in 26.3 overs
Valley End 74-2 in 14.4 overs

Saturday 4th XI vs Valley End(Away)
OWCC lost by 7 wickets OWCC 0 points Valley End 20 points
OWCC 47 all out in 21.2 overs
Valley End 48 for 3 in 10.4 overs (Bath 2-12)

Sunday Fishers v Graces
OWCC lost by 1 wicket
Sunday Campion v Battersea Badgers
OWCC lost by 25 runs


Fantasy Football
Time has run out to register and pay.
Those of you who did enter and pay, good luck.

Very Important Notice re kitbags
Can those of you who store their kitbags in the portacabin please remove them and store them at home in the off season. There is no room to have them at the club over the winter as the rugby club and the warriors use both the portacabin and container.

You have until Sunday 11th September to remove them.

After this date any bags that are left will probably be disposed of.

End of Season Bash Saturday 3rd September
After the last league games of the season come back to the clubhouse and relive the moments of the season. Beer, food, games and bar extension.

More details next week.
Posted 24th August, 2016 From HGR (The News Editor)
An Apology - Normal Service is Resumed
Your Editor was called away "oop north" aka Ashton on Ribble, for 10 days on a compassionate mission. Hence the absense of news. The following items are what we failed to report.
Posted 22nd August, 2016 From Liz Scott (Membership Secretary)
Over 60 years ago, the OWA started a great tradition of volunteering and have maintained that to this day.

Our membership and and their families have organised tournaments, balanced the books, painted the lines, served beer and food, parked cars, awarded scholarships and many other tasks.

Over the last year a team of volunteers using their professional skills have worked to produce a comprehensive range of options for the future of the clubhouse and its members.

We have all enjoyed doing it and felt great about making that contribution to the success of the sports and social life we have inherited.

In recent years perhaps we have relied more on fewer people dealing with more complex issues and paid staff for tasks that were completed by volunteers.

We now have to deal with more legislation, greater financial recording and analysis, detailed administrative tasks, diary management, clubhouse management, company and meeting secretarial recording.

As in previous years most of our committee members are working so we are looking for more volunteers to carry out weekly tasks on a rota basis. . Most of us juggle family life, work and a social life alongside volunteering.

Can you spare a couple of hours every few weeks? Then call either of us to discuss .

Please contact Mark Michelmore or Graham Turner 07917565327.
Posted 22nd August, 2016 From John Donovan
I thought our members would be interested in some O W connections with the Rio Olympics :

Ben Ryan, as coach to the Fijian Rugby Sevens team, who won the GOLD, which was also the first ever Olympic medal for Fiji. (See below)

Jonathan Taylor, a Sports lawyer, whose job is to root out illegal drug-taking etc.

Are there any other O W folk involved in the Olympics ?

And at the Paralympics, we have Toby Gold in the T33 on 10th September – the 100 metres wheelchair event. (Toby is the European record holder at 100m, 200m and 400m, and has just gained his degree at St Mary’s College, Twickenham).

Ben Ryan addresses the Fijian public with class and gives us an inside story to the boys warm up before playing Great Britain in the finals inRio 2016. In case you missed it, here it is compliments of FBC TV. "The boys were on the shoulders of every person on this island" - Ben Ryan

Click the image to view the video or click here

Results for 13th/14th August

Saturday 1st XI vs Cheam (Home)
OWCC lost by 19 runs OWCC 7 points, Cheam 20 points
Cheam 251 for 9 in 50 overs (Dawson 2-29, Singh 3-20)
OWCC 232 all out in 50 overs (CP Singh 55, Sealy-Fisher 54)

Saturday 2nd XI vs Sutton (Away)
OWCC lost by 3 wickets Sutton 20 points, OWCC 2 points
OWCC 125 all out in 30 overs ( Majid 36)
Sutton 126 for 7 in 31.3 overs (Majid 3-32, Jacobs 2-15)

Saturday 3rd XI vs Guildford (Home)
OWCC lost by 5 wickets OWCC 3 points, Guildford 20 points
WCC 175 for 8 in 45 overs (M. Tolmie 70, A. Gardner 23, A de Silva 21)
Guildford 179 for 5 in 25.2 overs (M. Tolmie 2-26)

Saturday 4th XI vs Horsell Red Lion(Away)
OWCC won by 69 runs Horsell 2 points OWCC 20 points
OWCC 174 for 7 in 45 overs (Miskelly 61, Devlin 28)
Horsell 105 all out in 37.4 overs (Miskelly 5-12, T. Richards 3-19 )

Sunday Campions v Giltec
OWCC won by 4 runs
OWCC 110 for 7 in 31.2 overs (D’Souza 36no)
Giltec 106 for 9 in 25 overs(Walsh 3-28, Nigam 2-20, W.Tolmie 2-18, Fontaine 2-37)

Fantasy Football

Time is running out to register and pay your money

Team entries £5 each

The prize pot will be 1/3 of the total money taken (other 2/3rds donated straight to the cricket club) 
There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes 

Closing date for entries is 18th of August

Payment MUST be made by 24th August otherwise you will be kicked out of the league. Please give money to myself on a Saturday evening at the club or contact me if you're away or unable to get down to the club before then. 

Link :
League: Old Wimbledonians CC

Simon Bath - Squeak Events
Tel: 07538672942

10 days until the Old Wimbledonian's Annual 8 A Side Tournament take place on Sunday 28th August.
This is always a great day of fun social cricket.

The Bar will be open from 10am.

There will be food available throughout the day and a BBQ after the final.
Please check with your team captain if you wish to be part of a team already entered for this tournament.

If not, you're most welcome to enter your own team, which can be a squad of more than 8 and consist of club members, friends, work colleagues or even ringers!

There are team slots still available.

The team entry fee is £100. £50 deposit, and the rest can be collected on the day.

The club's bank details are:

Bank: Lloyds Account name: OWCC Sort code: 30-92-32 Account number: 00799877

When making your payment, please reference it clearly "(TEAM NAME) 8 aside".

Entry into the tournament is on a first paid, first play basis.

Please let me know if would like to field a team. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Posted 11th August, 2016 FromPeter Johnstone

Contact from a remote OW
- Peter Johnstone

I attended 1966-1971. I am now Professor of Criminal Justice in the US and live in Dallas, Texas and (periodically) Lamballe, France. If any OW's are interested in getting in touch by clicking here

More info here


Posted 11th August, 2016 From Tony Kerrigan

The August 2016 draw (the fourth of 6 draws this year) prize winners (please send me your current bank name, a/c no., and sort code so I can transfer prize monies online)  were : 
August 2016
£1000 Willy Burke

Dave Cunningham

£80 James Kennedy
£50 Tony Woellwarth

The OW Big Prize Club, a registered lottery, has six annual draws. They are held in Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct and Dec. The first prize in each draw is £1000 and there are three lesser prizes. 50% of BPC subscriptions is distributed as prizes and the remaining 50% supports the facilities for the OWs, the cricket colts and the rugby warriors.

Total prizes to be distributed over the coming year will be c. £ 7500. Annual prize money increases with increased numbers of subscribers (the annual number of draws has fairly recently been increased from 5 to 6 per year). New subscribers are very welcome. Anyone can join and you can have as many "tickets" as you wish for yourself, your children or grandchildren. The BPC subscription is £10pcm. The attached tells how the BPC works. If you would like to join the BPC please email Tony Kerrigan

Are YOU a member of The Big Prize Club?
10th August , 2016 From Greg Bratza
An Update from Tony Palmer
Dear Old Boys

What a wonderful Day! Thank you for the many expressions of gratitude, and for not complaining about anything at all, which means I am ferula-free at least this year. And for those of you who couldn’t make it, we will send you the gory details and try to ensure you have another chance to meet up in the not very distant future.

That’s what this note is about: lots to say and see, not only from the Day itself but also plans for future communication and planned events. I’d just like to cover two aspects of how we collect and distribute all this good stuff.

Henry Ruffell runs the OW website and associated Facebook page: both cover the whole range of OW activity, past present and future. Paddy Weston has set up another Facebook page: WIMBLEDON COLLEGE DURING THE 60s, which focuses on that period. Both want access to the plethora of pics and videos taken on the Day. And of course so do you.

To make life as easy as possible, please tell me if you would like photos you took on the day included in our compilation of pictorial memories: I will open a file for you in a master Dropbox account to which you can upload them so they can be seen by all. Michael Gleeson and Roy Barnett have already test trialled this method, and their pics await your inspection. But do us all a great favour and tell me before you go into Dropbox if you haven’t used it before: I will send you an “invite” first, as for everyone I sign up we get an extra 500 mg of space in the account, which we will probably need.

I will try to arrange it so only you can edit what’s in your file. Anyone sharing access to our file can download from it, so Henry and Paddy can access as much as they wish for their respective sites. On videos, we have to do it the other way round: upload your video to your YouTube or Dropbox account and send the link at least to Henry, Paddy and me so we can access. If you have written reaction or thoughts on the Day or future, please send direct to Paddy and Henry.

You can find their Facebook pages easily: just bring up FACEBOOK and type WIMBLEDON COLLEGE DURING THE 60s or Old Wimbledonians Association into the "Search" box and you are automatically into it. You then click to save it to your "favourites"

Each of us will of course reserve the right to edit out anything we don’t feel suitable for publication: acid test is would we want Fr Philip Gilbert to see it!

Just as important we want to get away as much as possible from the secrecy which has surrounded mass mailings in the past. I am swamped with requests for email addresses, and at present I have to reply that I will pass on the request to the individuals concerned. But we should now have reached the stage where we can send info like this directly to you, en masse, rather than as bcc’s to emails – and therefore you would all have each others’ email addresses. And sharing things through the Dropbox account would almost certainly make it possible for each sharer to identify email addresses of others. So unless you tell me by next Wednesday that you do not wish others on the list above to see your email address in future mailings from me or those shown as copies on this email, they will.

This applies only to mailings we send: Henry, Graham, Paddy, Harry and I undertake not to release your email address elsewhere, without your consent. If you want to sign up for OWA Membership, or have your details on the OW database, you have to say so in writing – and please do so whenever you wish.
Thanks once again all the good wishes, even from those of you who missed out this time round.

Here is the Dropbox link to the PowerPoint we had rolling through the Day: tell me if you can’t get it. or just click here

Just one item on future plans as it’s fairly urgent: please let me me know if you want a place on one of our two tables at the OWA Dinner on 21 October at the Clubhouse. We will give preference on this to the guys who wanted to come but couldn’t make it on 22 July. Let me know as early as you can as it tends to sell out fast.
Best regards
Some thoughts/feedback on the Reunion
From Lawrence Trickey
Many thanks, again, for all the hard work and organization that you, Paddy, Henry, Harry etc. put in to make such a memorable day for us all.
Many thanks for the dropbox access and all those pictures. Would have been impossible in '66!
On the fitness front, you look very good yourself and a few others looked to be in shape too. I have to confess to an unfair advantage in that I still run a bit.
It didn't seem much of a run around the field as promised so I just trotted down from the School for good measure. I am still toying with the idea of another marathon, maybe this Fall-injuries have been a bane over the last 2 years but with luck and God's help in training smarter, I might make it.
I ran London UK and London Ontario May 2005 the two Londons in 3 weeks, my only claim to fame, ha ha!
Keep in touch and all the best, LAT
From Andy Benrad
Hi Tony
Please accept my apologies for not congratulating you sooner on arranging a fascinating reunion the other week.
Your organisational skills do you great credit. I have to admit I was originally a tad circumspect before the event due to the 50 year time lapse but these fears were immediately dispelled on meeting some “characters” from many moons ago.
All in all the afternoon (and evening) was most enjoyable together with the added bonus of the availability of Youngs bitter.
If there are any informal gatherings planned before the 75th jamboree please let me know,
Many thanks once again.
From Peter Stow
Thanks Tony,
You guys have done a great job and I'm only sorry I couldn't be there myself last week.
I'm happy to have my email address shared amongst my old school mates and I shall look forward to the possibility of further events in the future that I will be able to attend.
Kind regards
Peter Stow
From Roy Barnett
Hi Paddy

First of all I’d like to say a big thanks to you, Tony Palmer, and everyone else involved, for all the time and hard work it took to make last Friday the undoubted success that it turned out to be. It was really a very enjoyable day. 50 years appeared as yesterday – it was remarkable that so many were so instantly recognisable to so many; that personalities and physical characteristics were so unchanged by the passage of time.

I’ve attached some fairly large photographic files which I’ve sent in twos. Please select as many as you like for use on the website and make them freely available to any who would like to download them. Sadly I didn’t capture everyone but hopefully, with other contributions, everyone should be on record.

Please add my contact details to the list of those who are happy to be contacted. I would particularly like to let Chris Cooksey know how sad I was not to see him there – I would love to meet him again sometime, and all the others who weren’t able to make it for whatever reason.

With kind regards to all
Roy Barnett.
From Chris Cooksey
Hi Tony et al
Well done! It sounds as though it was a really good day.
You've been admirably discreet about email addresses and I'd appreciate it if you'd continue to keep mine confidential if poss. I always enjoy hearing from you guys (of course!) but I'm getting a bit reclusive in my old age. If somebody is foolish enough to ask after me, just let me know. I hope that's not too much of a pain.
I'll probably pass on the 21st but will defo (dahn wiv da kidz, me) take a look at the Facebook pages. I do have some old photos from the College and Donhead so I might scan the more interesting of those & send them to you.
I appreciate being kept in the loop. Now however I will slide deeper into my drug-fuelled alcoholic haze and play some nifty lead riffs on my electric guitar. Or do the payroll for one of my clients.
4th August , 2016 From Evan De Silva
Subscriptions are now due!
The remainder of the subs payment is due now. 

There have been very few remittances and several regular players have
yet to pay the remaining half. Please do so as a matter of urgency!!!

Full playing members £150, students and other concessions £75.
OWCC Account details: sort code 30 92 32 acc no 00799877

Fixtures for Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August 2016



Saturday 1st XI vs Horsley & Send (Home)
OWCC won by 8 wickets OWCC 24 points, H&S 0 points
H&S 76 all out in 29.1 overs (Gordon 4-12, Dawson 4-25)
77-2 in 21.5 (CP Singh 46)

Saturday 2nd XI vs Valley End (Away)
OWCC lost by 8 wickets Valley Ends 24 points OWCC 0 points
OWCC 77 all out in 20.1 overs
Valley End 78 for 2 in 14.3 overs

Saturday 3rd XI vs East Molesey (Home)
OWCC won by 60 runs OWCC 24 points East Molesey 3 points
OWCC 175 all out in 50.1 overs (J.Topley 88 no, A. Gardner 29, E de Silva 20)
East Molesey 115 all out in 40.4 overs (Fontaine 3-12, Topley 3-26, Chishick 2-25)

Saturday 4th XI vs East Molesey (Away)
OWCC lost by 81 runs East Molesey 24 points, OWCC 2 points
East Molesey 187 for 8 in 47 overs
OWCC 106 all out in 39 overs (Bath 26)

NoSunday Results to hand


For League Tables, Outstanding Performances, Averages etc.

28th July, 2016 From Liz Scott

As most of you are probably already aware, our fabulous chef Gill is leaving us on the 31st July and the OWA believe it to be right and proper that we mark this in some appropriate way.  
Therefore we are arranging a leaving ceremony during the early evening on Saturday 30th July and this invitation has been sent to those of you who have enjoyed the fantastic food and loyal service Gill has provided us with over the last 9 years.

You may not be aware that our Bar Manager, Bob Howe, will also be leaving us on the 31st, so we intend to have two leaving cards ready on the bar so you can write your own personal tribute to either or both of them.

We hope you can make it!
29th July, 2016 From Evan De Silva

Subscriptions are now due!!

The remainder of the subs payment is due now. 
There have been very few remittances and several
regular players have yet to pay the remaining half.
Please do so as a matter of urgency!!!

Full playing members £150, students and other concessions £75.
OWCC Account details: sort code 30 92 32 acc no 00799877

Teams for Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July 2016
Very few players around again this weekend. Please call on if you are available on Saturday.



Saturday 1st XI vs Horsley & Send (Home)
OWCC won by 8 wickets OWCC 24 points, H&S 0 points
H&S 76 all out in 29.1 overs (Gordon 4-12, Dawson 4-25)
77-2 in 21.5 (CP Singh 46)

Saturday 2nd XI vs Valley End (Away)
OWCC lost by 8 wickets Valley Ends 24 points OWCC 0 points
OWCC 77 all out in 20.1 overs
Valley End 78 for 2 in 14.3 overs

Saturday 3rd XI vs East Molesey (Home)
OWCC won by 60 runs OWCC 24 points East Molesey 3 points
OWCC 175 all out in 50.1 overs (J.Topley 88 no, A. Gardner 29, E de Silva 20)
East Molesey 115 all out in 40.4 overs (Fontaine 3-12, Topley 3-26, Chishick 2-25)

Saturday 4th XI vs East Molesey (Away)
OWCC lost by 81 runs East Molesey 24 points, OWCC 2 points
East Molesey 187 for 8 in 47 overs
OWCC 106 all out in 39 overs (Bath 26)

Evan De Silva some more tickets for T20s
Surrey v Yorkshire at the OVAL on Thursday 4th August 6.30pm start
Surrey v Lancashire at Guildford on Tuesday 9th August 2.30pm start.
Same conditions apply.He will have the tickets with him at the weekend.

This is the rolling Powerpoint slide show that ran throughout the day. You can download it for viewing by clicking on the image above (File size is approx 30MB)
  Please send all your stuff to Tony Palmer, who is acting as a clearing house and will forward it to all of those responsible for publishing it in various places.
21st July, 2016 From The News Editor HGR
For those of you who couldn't give a f*** about the "Boys of 66"
Player Shortage

The 3rd and 4th XIs are short of players for Saturday. The 3s are at home and the 4s not far away at Molesey.

Please call on if you are able to play
Alan Gardner 07803 585824

Simon Bath 07538 672942

Surrey v Glamorgan RL50

From Evan De Silva

I have some complementary tickets courtesy of Surrey CCC for the Surrey v Glamorgan RL50 game next Monday 1st August 2016 starting at 2pm at the Kia Oval.
If you are able to attend the full match then please let me know and I will reserve a ticket for you; if you are only able to attend after work then I'll bear you in mind and see what the demand is.
If you are able to attend the full match then please let me know and I will reserve a ticket for you; if you are only able to attend after work then I'll bear you in mind and see what the demand is.
This offer is only currently open to fully paid up members of the cricket club and their wives/partners
If we have any left over then we can consider giving them to others outside the club.

Web -
Email -

At the recent "Boys of 66" Reunion, there was originally an idea to invite parodies of the School Song. Guess what? We had no takers.

However, we discovered that we have at least two poets in residence, So all those English classes turned out to be worthwhile just for what you will read below

Abiding Memories and Atmospherics from
Wimbledon College (1959-66) revisited.


A- M – D – G
Squeeze my elbow, Squeeze my knee;
When you walked past figures III,
You'd be squeezed by Battersby.

Nigel (Nig) Jackson


You'd get six on each hand, just like that.
You'd know it was Daddy Orr, 'cos he'd pant.

Nigel (Nig) Jackson


Bless me please, Father,
For I have thrice sinned,
I fancied 'Ma Giles in her apron, unpinned;
She gave me a helping of custard so thick,
That it totally smothered my hot, spotted dick.

For penance, I'll leave the desert in it's tin,
And thereby avoid the occasion of sin;
But if 'Ma Giles tempts me with jam roly-poly,
I'll be back here tomorrow to confess the unholy.

Nigel (Nig) Jackson


Remember that? O Christ
What a bunch of boys and turns we were.
There were those quieter than I. Gentler and more contemplative even then.
We didn't speak much to them.
There were boys rougher and more raucous than I.
There were boys taller and longer than I, and faster with a ball of any size.
There were boys brighter than I, whose geometry and Greek hardly red lined at all.
There were boys who could kick a ball straighter than I.
There were boys who could hit you in the face harder than I.
There were boys faster to the joke - or the jibe than I.
There were boys who knew way more about sex than I did then.
Did Father Colliston really tell us that contraception
was like eating a toffee with the paper on.
When at last I came to be that lucky toffee...well that is another poem altogether.

When it came to arguing with a Jesuit priest, I did like to think I was in a league of my own.
That has carried me far and far and sometimes too far.
I remember telling a large class of Chinese Detective Inspectors that the word “discipline” has an etymological root with the word “disciple.” It meant following in
the footsteps of an excellent examplar. Not strict rules, harsh punishments, regimentation.
They said nothing but I have never forgotten.

Half a century on, where have we all been?
What draws us back?
We live in a time now where we meet our mistakes.
Those self made and those imposed by so many well meaning others.
It is time to have conversations which really matter.
Oh, and did I mention
There were boys who wrote better prose poetry than I.

aka Bryan Tully


Manners and Hatherley, Strachan and Snalune
Battersby, Norton, Laloux (just in tune),
Milward and Bermingham, Ignatius St. Lawrence,
McPartlin, McCluskey, their names trigger torrents

Of memories of learning the ways of the J's.
Their scholastic ambitions for the boys in those days,
Declensions, abstentions and lengthy detentions,
The stick and the carrot, with the best of intentions.

Beware Ruds Gallery and Figures corridor,
Backs to the wall, lads, here's Daddy Orr!
Wilf in a Pickle, Ted Sammons (and kids),
Brennan, Brook and Curtis,
But the accolade is Sid's.

Red Mullin, Robbie Barron, Joe Ruddy, Scratcher Stevens,
Colliston, Edney, Poole makes it evens,
Hayward and Haymer, McCardle and Hill,
Frankel and Moses, their names live on still.

Nigel (Nig) Jackson

Unfortunately we failed to record the poets declaiming their odes. However, it is your news editors's ambition to recreate the event and to publish a sound recording of the authors reading their oustanding work. Are you listening Bryan and Nigel?
21st July, 2016 From The News Editor HGR
The first of many images of the reunion of The Boys of 66 on 22nd July 2016.
Click image to view the video
21st July, 2016 From The News Editor
Simon Potter MBE
It has only just come to our attention that Simon was awarded the MBE for "services to education in Wimbledon." in the Queen's 90th Birthday Honours.

Many of you will know Simon only for his direction of our College Musicals and Christmas performances in recent years. This however is only a small piece of Mr Potter’s connection with the school. He joined Wimbledon College in 1972 and became Head of English in 1981. He retired from teaching at the College in 2009, having inspired generations of pupils. Since then he has continued to support pupils by returning to run revision classes for A Level and GCSE classes. Throughout his career at the College he has been an inspiration to generations of boys both within the classroom where, while being a History graduate, his love for and deep knowledge of English Literature, was passed on to the boys.

He is also responsible for creating a Wimbledon College Anthology of Poetry and has written a book that is a personal reflection on his time at the College. He is currently collaborating in a project to update a history of the College in time for its 125th anniversary in 2017.

Outside of the classroom his enthusiasm focused on annual dramatic productions, where again boys were encouraged and inspired by his relentless enthusiasm for all aspects of theatre. Mr Potter has directed our school productions for over 40 years and since retirement returns each year to work with current teachers on our productions. There have been a wide variety of highly professional and successful performances which include Les Miserables, West Side Story, HM Pinafore, Oliver, Dr Faustus, Julius Caesar, Sweeney Todd and a number of productions that he has written or adapted especially for the school.

In his retirement he maintains strong links with former College staff and pupils through his involvement with the Old Wimbledonian Association.

15th July, 2016 From The News Editor
Apologies for the break in Transmission.
Mea Culpa from your Editor. Life got in the way of spending nights poring over OW news and trying to make it interesting. Noemal Service has now been resumed. The primary reason appears below this item as do a series of delayed news items.
15th July, 2016 , From A Proud Grandfather
Welcome to the World - Francis (Frankie) Noah Ruffell
Frankie was born on 29th June, 2016 in St. Georges Hospital to Ben and Magdalena (well to be fair Magda did most of the work)
The birth was not without it's traumas which have been partly responsible for me taking my eye off the ball but as you can see he is now up and running and expects to be challenging for a place in First XI and XV in no time.

Thank God he doesn't look like his Grsndfather

Oh no! The oppo just scored,
Send me on now as supersub
Dear ‘66ers

To focus better your valuable retirement hours spent searching for long lost colleagues, I though I should just let you know that since the LAST EPISTLE two weeks ago, thanks largely to sterling research by Frank Denham and indefatigable follow-up by Paddy Weston, we’ve contacted:


And as a result we will number over 55 breaking bread together on 22 July. For others of you who previously said you couldn’t make it but who have since found an opportunity to join us, the Travelodge in Raynes Park as of Tuesday has 50 rooms available on 22 July. A double costs £36 for the night.

On a more sombre note, we have heard that David Judah passed away in 2009 following a battle with cancer. And Frank is pretty sure that three more of our classmates have gone before: John Collier, Ian Knights and Maurice Ployé. Unless anyone can report recent contact with any of these three, (all of whom I remember well in every sense), I will ask Fr Philip Gilbert and Timothy Hayes to add them to prayers at Mass in the Chapel.

Which means that the following are still at large:


30 to go. And only two weeks to go! Good hunting and see you Friday week.

Tony Palmer
15th July, 2016 From Paddy Weston
With our reunion coming up in 10 days, we have launched a facebook page, to act as a reference point for all pupils and staff who were present, on some days, during the 1960s! 
It is intended to act as a sort of blog for everybody to dip into, whenever they please. There is no membership, no fees, no raffle tickets to buy. Just use it as a vehicle for sharing your past and present experiences, post a few snaps of your holidays, let us know how you are doing and maybe share a few jokes. We would like to keep it lighthearted, so serious and political discussions are not encouraged. There are already a few class and team photos on the site, but there will be many more on display at the reunion. If you have any pictorial memories of those days, please post them directly onto the site.

Tony Palmer started the ball rolling, last October, over a drink. He first suggested a 50 year reunion for the year of 1966, (and was immediately lumbered with the task!) which was subsequently enlarged to include 1965 leavers, plus any staff. He has done exceptionally well, encouraging others to rack their brains and search their address books, to find email addresses and telephone nos. for those he refers to as "The lost sheep" Now, the range of the new facebook page is being extended to include anybody who was at the College at any time during the 1960s.

The reunion on the 22nd July promises to be a great success, with over two thirds of the year of '66 contacted/accounted for. If you haven't spoken to Tony and booked lunch, then why not turn up from 5 p.m., by which time the debris will have been shovelled up and cleared away!
Wives and girlfriends are also invited from this time and there will be a barbecue, later in the evening.

We are hoping that Graham Turner, President of the Old Wimbledonians Association will give us a (very short) speech. We are grateful to be using the OWA clubhouse for the occasion and we are pleased to say that he has given his support for our new facebook page, saying that anything that promoted the OWA would be a good thing. I must confess that as I spend a good part of my year abroad, I have let my subscription lapse, but I will redress that oversight on the 22nd, Graham!
I think it would be a good idea if we could link our new "60s" page to the OWA page.

OK, that's enough from me for the time being. I will put a post on the new facebook page: "WIMBLEDON COLLEGE DURING THE 60s" in a few minutes, which will give an update on the search for the rest of "Tony Palmer's lost sheep."

To respect your privacy, all of your email addresses are known only to Tony and myself. If you want to make contact with any College mates, just drop me a line at and I will put you in touch, or, better still, put a message on the new facebook page.

Best Wishes and hope to see you next Friday,
Paddy Weston (Class of '66)
15th July, 2016 , From Evan De Silva

Sat 1st XI

Sat 2nd XI

Sat 3rd

Sat 4th XI

Sun Campions


Old Rutlishians

Valley End

Valley End

Kingston Left Handers

Home 1



Home 2

Home 1


Start 13.00

Start 13.00

Start 13.00

Start 13.30

Meet 12.00

Meet 12.00

Meet 11.15

Meet T.B.A

Meet 12.30

 Umpire: Panel

  Umpire: P. Wilkins





OWCC 1st XI won by 7 wickets. OWCC 24 points TMW 0 points
TMW 124 for 10 in 36.5 overs (Gordon 5-13, Nielsen 2-21, Majid 2-33)
OWCC 127 for 3 (Singh 62no Parker 36)

Saturday 2nd XI vs Leatherhead (Home)
OWCC won by 61 runs OWCC 24 points Leatherhead 4 points
OWCC 221 for 9 in 50.3 overs (J. Thomas 58no, Brown 55, Bedford 39)
Leatherhead 160 all out in 45.1 overs (J Bell 5-33, R’huys 3-20)

Saturday 3rd XI vs Sutton (Away)
OWCC lost by 5 wickets. Sutton 24 points OWCC 2 points
OWCC 154 all out in 46 overs (Baksh 41, Devlin 30, Bubb 25, M. Tolmie 28)
Sutton 158 for 5 in 31.3 overs (Baksh 2-37, M. Tolmie 2-8)

Saturday 4th XI vs Kempton (Home)
OWCC lost by 124 runs. Kempton 24 points, OWCC 3 points
Kempton 159 for 9 in 47 overs (T. Richards 3-23
OWCC 35 all out

Presidents Day Lunch
A good attendance at the Presidents Day Lunch last Sunday saw a last ball 6 by Roger White to secure victory for Emeriti to win the Paul Phillips Cup

The Sat 1’s are third in the League but the other Saturday teams are all currently in last or second to last place. The availability this year has been very, very poor and this has been reflected in the results. With only a few games remaining please make yourself available and see if we can pull ourselves out of the relegation zones by the end of the season
15th July, 2016 , From Trevor Evans

The Old Wimbledonian's Annual 8 A Side Tournament

This event is taking place on Sunday 28th August.

This is always a great day of fun social cricket. The Bar will be open from 10am.

Bob will be providing breakfast, lunch and a barbeque after the games, so you can purchase grub throughout this day of cricketing excellence

Please check with your team captain if you wish to be part of a team already entered for this tournament.

If not, you're most welcome to enter your own team, which can be a squad of more than 8 and consist of club members, friends, work colleagues or even ringers!

The team entry fee is £100. £50 deposit, and the rest can be collected on the day.
There are team slots still available. If you would like to enter a team, please reply stating how many you would like to enter and names ect.

The club's bank details are: Bank: Lloyds Account name: OWCC Sort code: 30-92-32 Account number: 00799877

When making your payment, please reference it clearly "(TEAM NAME) 8 aside".

Entry into the tournament is on a first paid, first play basis

Please let me know if would like to field a team. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Kind Regards,
Trevor Evans
Old Wimbledonians CC Website Administrator

Web -
Email -

15th July, 2016 , 2015 From Simon Potter
OWs in the battle of the Somme 1916

This morning I have been through the roll of honour for the college reflecting on those boys of the College and Army Class who were killed in the battle of the Somme, no doubt many more fought in it.

Below is a list of the boys/men and the dates on which they died. As you will see two died exactly 100 years ago today on the first day of battle, quickly followed by three more on the third of July. Let us remember them and the rest of the million people who lost their lives at the Somme.

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

N.B. where detailed information has not been available if the soldier died during the period of the battle of the Somme in a regiment that was fighting in that battle then it is assumed they were killed in the battle.

Private Montague P. Wells

PS/1576, 16th Bn., Middlesex Regiment

who died on 01 July 1916

Lieutenant Hugh Gilbert Francis Clifford

2nd Bn., Lincolnshire Regiment

who died on 01 July 1916 Age 19

Second Lieutenant John Francis Pembroke Boxwell Quinlan *(see end note)

4th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps

who died on 03 July 1916

Second Lieutenant John Hugh Baines

10th Bn., Lincolnshire Regiment

who died on 03 July 1916

Lieutenant Constant Clifford William Meyer

2nd Bn., Lincolnshire Regiment

who died on 03 July 1916 - Age 20

Lieutenant Maurice Gabriel Hume-Wright

8th Bn., Yorkshire Regiment

who died on 10 July 1916 - Age 21

Second Lieutenant James Douglas Hodding

"A" Coy. 10th Bn., Royal Fusiliers

who died on 10 July 1916 - Age 17

Captain E G C Bagshawe

5th Bn., Yorkshire Regiment

who died on 20 July 1916 - Age 36

Captain C J P Hayes

1st Bn., Royal Fusiliers

who died on 09 August 1916

Second Lieutenant Patrick Gilbert Warwick O'Hara

3rd Bn., East Surrey Regiment

who died on 14 August 1916 - Age 19

Second Lieutenant F P O'Brien

10th Bn. attd. 9th Bn., East Surrey Regiment

who died on 16 August 1916

Captain Charles John Griffin

2nd Bn., The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)

who died on 01 September 1916

Lieutenant William Felix MacCarthy O'Leary

1st Bn., Royal Munster Fusiliers

who died on 07 September 1916 - Age 22

Private James Arthur Lovelock

23758, 1st Bn., Grenadier Guards

who died on 10 September 1916

Serjeant Francis O'Leary

1619, 1st/6th Bn., London Regiment (City of London Rifles)

who died on 15 September 1916 - Age 21

Son of Patrick and Elizabeth Kate O'Leary, of 124, Bedford Hill, Balham, London.

Second Lieutenant Cyril Edward Brietzcke Dean

121st, Royal Garrison Artillery

who died on 15 September 1916 - Age 19

Mentioned in Despatches

Serjeant C J Cotter

3096, 1st/7th Bn., Middlesex Regiment

who died on 16 September 1916

Second Lieutenant J Bussy

7th Bn., South Staffordshire Regiment

who died on 20 September 1916

Second Lieutenant F T Waldron

2nd Bn., Essex Regiment

who died on 23 October 1916

Captain Heffernan James Considine M C

4th Bn. attd. 2nd Bn., Royal Irish Regiment

who died on 27 October 1916 - Age 33

" He handled his company with great courage and skill, maintaining his position under intense fire for forty-eight hours.

*The first phase of the battle commenced at first light on 1 July 1916, with the end of an artillery barrage that had pounded German positions for the last five days. However the attack itself did not commence until full daylight, when thirteen British divisions went forward into the jumble of shell craters and barbed wire that had been the German front line, only to find that the very shell-holes provided excellent cover for enemy machine gunners.

No. 4 Sqn flew several contact patrols in support of the British advance, despite the very cloudy weather, providing valuable and accurate reports of the progress of the assault, and in a number of cases making bombing attacks on German artillery batteries, to mostly good effect. A few machines had been modified with extra fuel tanks, allowing missions of a previously unheard of duration to be flown, Lieutenant A.C. Jowett flying a contact patrol of over five hours. Another pilot, Capt C Hiatt, carried out a special reconnaissance of Thiepval from a height of only 600 feet, which left him open to small arms fire from every quarter. However he completed his mission successfully, furnishing excellent details of enemy troop dispositions in the area.

All was to be in vain however, for by the early afternoon the battered survivors of the assault were back in their trenches, having been repulsed by a combination of the terrain and a devastating number of enemy machine guns arrayed against them. The British had suffered 60,000 casualties in one day - 20,000 of them killed - and had no territory to show for their efforts. This was to be the heaviest loss suffered in a single day by a British army or by any army in the Great War. The generals had boasted of a great breakthrough but had only succeeded in decimating their front line divisions, but it was too late now. With a sick inevitability, the tragedy of 1 July 1916 was repeated day after day.


1959-66 Reunion News June 2016 Update
I thought you’d like the latest news on who we’ve found (Latest List below) and how many will be there. As of today we’ve had the following positive replies, on which we are relying particularly to let the Clubhouse know how many to cater for, and let Graham & Harry know how many Touring and Massing. So if you haven’t told me you’ll be there, or even that you won’t be, please do in the next few days.

Tour Mass Lunch BBQ
28 23 52 25

Which means that, pious and pagan alike, there will be over 50 of us sitting down to Lunch on 22 July. Quite a sobering thought.

Once again, in case you missed it, ladies welcome from around 5.00, especially if you’ll need help getting home, and as they will no doubt swell the ranks queuing for BBQ, please tell me if that’s part of your plans. At the moment we expect around 10 ladies to join us.

We continue to leave very few stones unturned in trying to find the remaining lost sheep for whom no email addresses have been forthcoming. Nigel Meyer had the notice (left) put in the Sacred Heart Newsletter. Please have a go yourselves: the number is now down to 45:

The Unfound


Can't do 2nd. July

We now have around 10 Names who wanted to be with us but can’t make our 22 July date. Bryan Tully has suggested we facilitate organising another date for those thus inconvenienced and for any others sufficiently masochistic to want to go through the “I-can-remember-your-face-but-not-your-name-thing” a second time.

If this applies to you tell me, and tell me where you live. Might make more sense to have this alternative event outside the London area. Or we could do as the Class of ‘65 do, and have an Annual session at a suitable hostelry. Comments welcome on all this.

will take place on Tuesday 7th June at 7.30pm.

The meeting will take place in

The Old Wimbledonian Clubhouse in Coombe Lane, Raynes Park.
1st June , 2015 From Caolan Englefield
The Latest Wimbledonian Rugby International - Caolan Englefield
Caolan is the College's latest rugby international. Caolan played for England Under 16's against Wales during the Easter holidays
(sadly they lost.)

"I got into the side through playing for Quins at the Wellington Regional Festival, where all academies got together for a week where you played 4 games over the week. This was really good as I was able to play against some of the best players in the country and also get some top quality coaching on top of that.

Looking forward, I'm training with Quins over the summer and I hope to be picked for a South West festival with Quins in the middle of August. I also have been picked for the Irish exiles u18 tour to Ireland in late August which I'm really looking forward to!

The day in itself was a bit surreal! It went by so quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great occasion, even though we didn't get the result we wanted.
This weekend's fixtures
Saturday, 4th June, 2016
1st XI Staines and Laleham Home 1.00pm
2nd XI Worcester Park Away 1.00pm
3rd XI Oxted & Limpsfield Away 1.00pm
4th XI Egham Away 1,00pm
Sunday, 5th June, 2016
Fishers West Indies Utd (Bertie Joel Cup) Home 2.00pm
Campions Viscount Home 1.00pm
Cricket all Summer long at the Old Boys
Anyone wishing to don the whites during the close season should contact

David Gibson by email or phone on 07789 683804

You are invited to a fun evening to
help raise funds for the Cricket Colts


4th JUNE 7.30pm
£10 includes meal
Bring along your friends and family.

Please book your tickets with Rosie
by email or text 07986 325011

Please book your place by
Wednesday 1st June


An application form for tickets for the following games is attached. Please note that all applications, with the appropriate payment, MUST be with Margaret no later than Monday, 20th June.

Further, please note that our allocation for these games is extremely limited thus only applications from those members who have paid or are paying a subscription to Old Wimbledonians Rugby Football Club for the 2016/2017 season will be considered.

Saturday, 12thNovember, 2016 ko 2:30pm

Saturday, 3rd December, 2016 ko 2:30pm
f or the 2016/2017 season

Full playing member £240 pa
payable by cheque/cash/bank transfer or £20 per month payable in 12 monthly instalments by standing order.

Full playing member (full time student) £25pa

Non-playing member £50pa

Standing order mandates/cheques should be made payable to
and sent to the Hon. Treasurer,
Mike Curtis, 90A Linden Avenue, Ruislip, London HA4 8AU
from whom a standing order mandate is available.
Click here to email Mike


AGM & Players Awards Supper
Held on Friday, 13th May, 2016

Mike O’Brien was appointed Vice-President of Old Wimbledonians Rugby Football Club
Tankards were awarded to Craig Starling & Richard Travers
Steve Cruden was elected Player of the year
Rory Southgate was elected Clubman of the year

Congratulations gentlemen; richly deserved
This weekend's fixtures
Saturday, 21st May,2016
1st XI Dorking Away 12.00pm
2nd XI Walton on Thames Home 1.000pm
3rd XI Banstead Home 1.00pm
4th XI Malden Wanderers Away 1,00pm
Sunday, 22nd May, 2016
Fishers Worcester Park Home 1.30pm
Campions Woking & Horsell Home 1.30pm
17th May, 2015 From The News Editor (HGR)
Web Site Coverage
Since our last report in January, we have passed another milestone. We can now claim over 3200 vistors worldwide from 67 countries. The global map is increasingly coloured green, amber and currrently grey. Data source Google Analytics

Replicating the site on Facebook is proving to be a success, with over 700 visits this week. Interestingly the most popular Facebook post this week was the news of AFC Wimbledon's imminent appearance in the Wembley playoff (424 views.) The second most popular was our link to the Guardian article about Pat Roberts achievements at Celtic (341)

Penetration of more African counties, the Middle East and Greenland plus The Falklands and we'll pretty much cover the globe.

An example of the value of this is that the Reunion team organising the 1966 leavers 50th Anniversary bash who have managed to track down ovr 50 of the 90+ members of the year and have commitments from 45 to attend including some who will make significant journeys from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canada, 3 or 4 from USA, 2 or 3 from France and one from Spain.

You can find detailed stats here

17th May, 2015 From Paddy Weston
1959-66 Reunion - May Update

I'm sending this month's update as Tony Palmer is sulking in Spain, because he hasn't had enough replies to the Invitations sent last month! Please do dig out the Form and send back your Preferences for The Day. If you didn't get an Invitation, either it's in your junk mail or your firewall is blocking Tony Palmer , because that's where it was sent from. Either way please fix. To date 45 have indicated they'll be there, but we still need to know how many want the Tour/Mass/Lunch/BBQ so we can be ready for you.

Lots to report this month, mainly to give you more detail on what will happen on The Day. In Agenda order:

We expect around 30 to take the Tour/hear Mass. Please make your way to the Entrance Lobby, which can be approached from the front entrance gate (almost opposite Donhead) by 11 am. Look out for Graham Turner and Harry Groenen who will be your Guides on the Tour. Mass in the Chapel at 12 am.

Those in cars can enter through the entrance at the top of the Parish Hall car park and drive up alongside the school field and park in the playground in front of them.

Could those who have cars at the College please volunteer transportation to the Clubhouse to anybody who has been dropped off by taxi or friends, etc.

The official address of the OWA is 143 Coombe Lane, London SW20 0QX. Where there are approximately 60 parking places (certainly enough for us). Walk 150 yards round the cricket field to the Clubhouse. This is actually at the end of Somerset Avenue, and has around 20 parking places immediately outside, but we can assume most of these will be taken up by the myriad staff who will have been labouring since the early hours, preparing comestibles for our delight. This map link may be useful:

When you reach the Clubhouse, look again for the ubiquitous Harry Groenen, who will relieve Lunchers of £15 for the privilege and hand out a Name Tag. The bar opens at 1pm. and for those wearing a Name Tag, there might be a welcoming drink provided by our hosts, the OWA. We are going to be encouraging membership of OW's (or association with OW's if your home location makes visits a little tricky) during the day, and we very much appreciate their indulging us on this occasion.

There will be a sumptuous buffet, featuring salmon, ham, beef, assorted cold veggies, sundries and trimmings.
Desserts and cheeses will follow. but the first course will be served to us seated en masse: Pâté de Poisson du saison (or a few soups if you're antifish) so that Graham Turner, as Chairman of the Old Wimbledonians' Association can say a few words of welcome. (There won't be any other speeches as we'd like you to enjoy the day to the full.)

Quite a few of those invited have already indicated that their stamina or other commitments won't allow them to stay late in the day. We are conscious that many of you will have travelled long distances to the Wimbledon area with family and friends, so we thought it would be a nice gesture to invite them to join us after we've staggered from the Luncheon Table. Probably about 5 pm would be good. If by chance there is a budding DJ around, she/he would be most welcome to organise the background "sounds of the sixties" at any time during the day.

Les FortunaBBQ TIME
It's quite likely we will be joined around that time by illustrious Old Wimbledonians who have nothing better to do on a hot Friday evening in July and are sufficiently intrigued by the appearance of regular advertising of our Bash on their website, to roll up for a beer and Barbie and to see what's going on. So we will have to play the BBQ start time by ear - not too late, for those who have not lunched with us, and not too early, so that those who have lunched have time to recover. The BBQ will certainly be available at 7 pm for the latter.

That's it for now. Happy to answer any questions.

Well done to Tony Palmer for bringing all of us together and thanks to all of you for coming. We are still hopeful that we will find a few more year mates. Just this week, for example, we have established contact with Peter Stow, who is hoping to attend from his base in Austin, Texas and Robert Hecquet who lives in Surrey. Les Fortuna (see left) was a recent "find" and we hope he will make the trip across the pond from his house near Clearwater, Florida. We have had acceptances from '66ers as distant as Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canada, 3 or 4 from USA, 2 or 3 from France and one from Spain (Me!)
Please return your preference forms to Tony Palmer as soon as possible. I hate to think of him crying into his paella!

15th May, 2015 From The News Editor
Surrey Championship Division 3 1st XI - Results to date

After 2 rounds of matches OWs have a 100% record and are joint top of the table with 40 points
14th May 2014
Old Wimbledonians 1st XI (194 ao) beat Trinity Mid-Whitgiftian 1st XI (183 ao) by 11 runs - 20 points
7th May 2014
Horsley & Send 1st XI (130 ao) lost to Old Wimbledonians 1st XI (274-9) by 144 runs - 20 points

Surrey Championship Division 1 Second XI - Results to date

After 2 rounds of matches OWs have a 100% record and are joint bottom of the table with 4 points

14th May 2014
Leatherhead 2nd XI (307-6) beat Old Wimbledonians 2nd XI (205 ao) by 102 runs - 2 points
7th May 2014
Olw Wimbledonians (101 ao) lost to Valley End 2nd XI (102-3) by 7 wickets - 2 points
Surrey Championship Division 1 Saturday 3rd XI - Results to date
After 2 rounds of matches OWs have a 100% losing record and are joint bottom of the table with 4 points
14th May 2014
Old Wimbledonians 3rd XI (109-9) lost to Suttton 3rd XI (137 ao) bty 28 runs 2 - points
7th May 2014
East Molesey 3rd XI (116-3) beat Old Wimbledonians 3rd XI (115-5) 2 points
Surrey Championship West Division Saturday 4th XI - Results to date
After 2 rounds of matches OWs have a 100% losing record and are bottom of the table with 0 points
14th May 2014
Kempton 4th XI (85-1) beat OWs 4th XI (84 ao) by 9 wickets - 0 points
7th May 2014
OWs 4th XI (109 ao) lost to East Molesey 4th XI (113-4) by 6 wickets - 0 points
More info on other (Sunday) results to follow when we can find them or someone tells us. (email News Editor)

Anyone from the cricket club reading this - so whatever happened to match reports? (email News Editor)

News, fixtures and results for the whole Surrey Championship can be found here.

The 2016 Fixture Grid for all Surrey Championship matches can be downloaded here
15th May, 2015 From Roger Brosch
Stars of the Future ?
Joe Brosch & Joe Bell share the prestigious Warriors Clubman Award for 2016. Also won U18 forward and back of the season. Leave you to guess which is which!!
15th May, 2015 From The News Editor (HGR)
Two OWs and One OD Sportsmen in the News
Danny Cipriani in the Sunday Times
Ben Ryan in the Sunday Times and the Sunday Telegraph
Patrick Roberts in The Guardian
This Weekend's Fixtures
1st XI Trinity Midwives Home 12.00pm
2nd XI Leatherhead Away 1.000pm
3rd XI Sutton Home 1.00pm
4th XI Kempton Away 1,00pm
Fishers Merstham Home 2.00pm
Campions Rockstars XI Home 1.000pm
Cricket all Summer long at the Old Boys
. Anyone wishing to waft the willow this season should contact David Gibson by email or on 07789 683804
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING and Players Awards Supper

Nominations are requested for most 2016/17 committee posts

President Chairman Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer Hon. Fixture Secretary Club Captain 1 st XV Captain 1 st XV Vice-Captain A Team Captain A Team Vice-Captain Hon. Team Secretary Hon. Press Officer Hon. Committee Member (Registration)

Award nominations

for Player of the Year and Club Person of the Year and confirmation or otherwise of attendance
Send your proposals to Margaret Parsons, Hon. Secretary by email or by phone Tel: 01483 811103 Cell: 07774 705317
THE BONGU TOUR 6th-9th May, 2016 vs Malta Representative Team
11th May, 2015 From Guy Bennett
Donhead Class of 77 50th Re-union
The (Leavers') Class of '77 will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of starting at Donhead or St Catherine's in 1966 this year.  We have agreed the 16th September as the date and have a reservation in Wimbledon, which may need to be changed if we garner more takers.

So far, we have invited (in large part because of contact details being available) and have 14 acceptances:

Guy Bennett
Andrew du Boulay Paul May
Tom Brittain Sean Elyan Brendan Morrissey
Paul Clancy Jim Hayward Liam Nolan
Anthony Coombs Nick Hudson David O'Neil
Mark Craig Nick Martin John Wells
Kieran Doyle Steve Matthews  

ODs/ OWs who wish to attend (we share the bill!) should contact myself or Kieran By email or mobile on 07564 115 595.

11th May, 2015 From Guy Bennett
Our thanks to Guy Bennett for the following:-

Air Commodore John Langer – Daily Telegraph Obituary


Air Commodore John Langer, who has died aged 90, was a Cold War fighter pilot who later chaired an international committee responsible for establishing the training organisation for the Tornado combat aircraft.

In 1975 Langer began a four-year period as the Director of RAF Flying Training in the MoD, and was appointed chairman of a tri-national committee responsible for setting up the necessary facilities for the training of RAF, German Air Force, German Navy and Italian Air Force Tornado pilots and navigators. Together with his German and Italian co-chairmen he was also charged with devising the flying and ground syllabuses.

RAF Cottesmore in Rutland was chosen as the home for the Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment (TTTE), established in 1979 and manned by flying instructors from each of the participating air arms, with base support being provided by the RAF.

The programme was launched on time and under budget, owing largely to the diplomacy, patience and effectiveness of Langer and his committee.

The son of a master builder, John Francis Langer was born on June 25 1925 in Lambeth, south London, and educated at Wimbledon College, where he excelled on the games field.

Claiming to have been born in 1924, he began his RAF service in 1942 and trained as a pilot in America under a US/UK bi-lateral arrangement. On return to Britain he discovered that there was a surplus of pilots, so he volunteered to become a glider pilot and in January 1945 joined No 670 Squadron in India, one of six joint RAF/Glider Pilot Regiment squadrons preparing for the assaults in Burma. Before he could see action, the war with Japan ended.

He converted to the Spitfire and Tempest fighters and joined No 33 Squadron in Germany, where, among other tasks, he patrolled the British air corridors into Berlin. In July 1949 the squadron moved to Singapore, where Langer flew 60 operations during Operation Firedog against communist terrorists during the Malayan Emergency.

On one occasion the engine of his Tempest failed at 15,000 ft and he was just able to reach an airfield and make a wheels-up landing on the grass. When congratulated, he replied: “It was a piece of cake – I used to be a glider pilot.” On return to Britain he became a flying instructor and enjoyed two years teaching with the Cambridge University Air Squadron. This was followed by a return to Singapore as the training officer of the Auxiliary Air Squadron, when he met a young Lee Kuan Yew, the future prime minister.

After retiring from the RAF in 1979, Langer became the aviation security adviser to the British government
Back in Britain, he resumed his career as a fighter pilot and in June 1957 took command of No 43 Squadron, the “Fighting Cocks”, at RAF Leuchars in Fife. His two years in command included taking the squadron to Cyprus during a period of growing tension in the Middle East following the assassination of King Faisal of Iraq. His aircraft remained at a high state of readiness for almost three months before tension relaxed and the squadron returned to Scotland. He was awarded the AFC.

After attending the RAF Staff College, Langer became the chief flying instructor of the Central Flying School, an appointment that took him on liaison visits to numerous Commonwealth and overseas air forces. An eye infection grounded him and there followed what he referred to as the “doldrum years”, which included spells with Nato and on the directing staff of the Joint Services Staff College.
John Langer, centre back, in beret, with his pilots of No 43 Squadron and their Hunter

After returning to full health, he took charge of the RAF’s advanced flying training school at RAF Valley in Anglesey. At the end of his tour he was appointed CBE.

After a spell in the MoD, Langer found himself back in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew had asked the MoD to send someone to help in training his embryonic air arm and introducing modern jets, and when he heard that Langer was one of four candidates, handed him the job and with it, the rank of brigadier.

After two years, so much progress had been made that Lee re-designated the air wing as the autonomous Republic of Singapore Air Force. Langer returned to Britain in 1975 to take up his appointment as Director of RAF Flying Training. In addition to establishing the TTTE, he was responsible for introducing the Hawk advanced trainer into service and assisting British Aerospace to win a contract to provide the aircraft to the US Navy. He was also the chairman of the RAF Participation Committee responsible for the allocation of RAF and other services’ resources, including the Red Arrows, to air shows at home and abroad.

After retiring from the RAF in 1979, Langer became the aviation security adviser to the British government. He ran courses for senior management of the police, British airlines and airports as well as those directly involved in passenger and baggage screening. He served for eight years before becoming a consultant for a further seven.

In 1979 he became Vice Chairman (Air) of the TAVR Association for Greater London and was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant in 1983 and then the Representative Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Hillingdon. He retired in 1993 to live in the Cotswolds, where he became a volunteer guide at Kelmscott Manor, the country house of William Morris.

In 1951 he married Doreen Hodges, known as Jane, an actress. She died in 2011 and he is survived by their two sons and a daughter.

This Weekend's fixtures
Saturday 23rd April
1st XI Chessington Away 12.30pm
2nd XI Chessington Home 12.30pm
3rd XI Sutton Away 1.00pm
4th XI Wimbledon Corinthians Home 1,00pm
Sunday 24th April
Fishers Mpingwe Home 1.30pm
Upcoming Social Eventsl
Sat 21 May Race Night – The Clubhouse
Sun 03 July Club Event
Sun 10 July President’s Day lunch
Fri 07 Oct Travelbag Surrey Championship Awards Dinner – Kia Oval
Thurs 17 Nov OWCC Annual General Meeting – The Clubhouse
It is with regret that, due to extenuating circumstances, the Cricket match between the Old Wimbledonians CC and the PCA ex-England XI planned for the 3rd July has had to be postponed.
Please note that this is only a posponement and the present intention is to play the fixture on the same weekend in the 2017 season.
Sorry for any disappointment this may incur.
Graham Turner
Next Fixtures - 24th April
1's vs Poplar Semi-Final HOME


3's vs Molesey Strollers AWAY

Strollers vs FC Falcon HOME

Sat vs Rygas AWAY

Results - 17th April

2's vs Shirley Wanderers WON

3's vs Leatherhead All Stars WON


Sat vs Rygas Postponed

10th April, 2016 From Mark Mitchelmore
Click here for International Tickets application form
14th April, 2016 From Mark Michelmore
Bar Price Increase from 18th April 2016
It is just over a year since our last increase. We have been able to maintain prices and margins because of the supply agreement  negotiated with Carlsberg last autumn.

I hope you are enjoying  the increased range of options and regular Guest Beer choices, with improved quality.

Bob and his team are working hard to ensure a prompt and friendly service which I am sure you will agree is a considerable improvement. 

We have also invested significantly in the clubhouse decoration and thanks to the several members and committee who have contributed to that improvement.

It is also a year since we introduced the Member discount card with its 5% discount option. Take  up has been good and this is a reminder  for those that haven’t used the option it is still available and offers a significant  price discount against local pricing particularly in Fullers and Youngs  Pubs.

I believe that by using your card you could be spending the same on a pint that you were three years ago!!

You may have noticed that we have a third TV Screen available. We can now carry all the Golf Majors this year,so check before you come but all 4 days of the events should be available.
10th April, 2016 From Frank Buckley
I am sad to announce the death of my older brother Anthony Buckley on 27th March 2016

He left Wimbledon in about 1965 / 66.

I think I left in 1967.

Please say hello to John Caraffi for me and pass on this email address.  We were good friends and in the same class for many years and went on motorcycle trips together.

I have not seen him since about 1969 or 70 mainly because I spent 35 years in Africa.

8th April, 2016 From Mike Parsons
Disappointing Display Deprives First XV of 2nd Place - But the future looks bright
Old Wellingtonians 44 - 26 Old Wimbledonians
Sadly, 1st Team Captain Craig Starling has decided to hang up his boots while he still has some feeling left in his shoulders! Craig, on behalf of the club thank you for all you have done for the club both on and off the field we hope we will continue to have the pleasure of the company of the whole Starling family at the clubhouse in the future.
Players Awards Supper
Friday, 13th May, 2016 7:30pm Nominations are requested for the various posts for 2016/17 and for Players Awards
More details and form here
Our grateful thanks for

your support during

Season 2015/16
Match Report - From Senior Correspondent – Edward Bell
The Old Boys went into the final match of their league season with distant hopes of snatching second place by gaining a bonus point win and other results falling favourably. The win did not happen despite plentiful possession and much enterprising running from deep positions and the other leading sides all won their games. Old Wellingtonians were too good on the day..... full report here

Don't Forget - Put it in your diary NOW

Players Awards Supper
Friday, 13th May, 2016 – 7:30pm
8th April, 2016 From The News Editor HGR
1959-66 Reunion A Long Lost Picture (and the reverse with signiatures)
Come on all you 59-66ers. Most or some of you must have some old pics you can share before the big day on 22nd July. Send them to me one of the team to The News Editor - click here to email
Not sure if this is in Grammar or Lower Grammar. I can put names to a lot of faces but i need some help. You can find a bigger version by clicking here. Please help to name that boy/old man....Emails to The News Editor with row and position - and if you have contact details, even better.
How many people still have the same signiature? The bigger version can be seen here
A Global Audience - Website & Facebook Coverage
This site has now been viewed by nearly 2500 people in 59 countries and the Facebook Page has been viewed by more than 1500. So if you are trying to track down an old school friend there's a reasonable chance that you might find them or someone who knows of their whereabouts.

If you would like help with your search contact the News Editor, Henry Gordon Ruffell with details.

Top 12 Countries Visitors
United Kingdom 1986
United States 141
Brasil 40
Ireland 27
Australia 25
France 25
Canada 18
Spain 17
Italy 14
Germany 13
India 13
China 11
If you would like to investigate the possibilities of promoting your product or service to an audience of potentially sympathetic clients click here to set up a meeting to discuss the opportunities available,

Do you want International Tickets?
It's not too late to pay your non-playing sub
You can send your cheque for £50 made payable to Old Wimbledonians Rugby Football Club NOW
to Club Treasurer Mike Curtis at 90A Linden Avenue, Ruislip, London HA4 8UA
Fixtures 3rd April
1's vs Kingston Town HOME

2's vs AFC Ewell AWAY CUP

3's vs Dundonald FC AWAY

Strollers vs Ropley HOME

Sat vs TFT South West HOME CUP

24th March, 2016 From Mike Cronin
23rd March, 2016 From Mike Parsons
1st XV Home 51-0 Success vs Paulines is Seasonal Sign Off
The Old Boys ended their season of home league matches with a resounding victory over visitors Old Paulines. In the process, they kept a defensive clean sheet for only the first time since the first league match of the season, and gave themselves an outside chance of gaining a final third league place if they can get a try bonus point in the last game and other results go their way. For Full Report click here.
Warriors U18s 5- 62 Richmond

Joe Bell try is scant consolation for 5-62 Richmond thrashing

Joe's recent debut for the senior 1st XV with proud dad Matt

Warriors U13 Roller Steams On - OWs 34 - 15 London Irish
13s Semi-final victory opens the prospect of more glory.

Tries: Cassius Cleaves 2, Nathan Jibulu, Joe Scriverer, Caleb Acquah and Luca Buttaci
Cons: Chris Serra, Jack Nielsen

Congratulations and a big thank you to Kelly Southgate for, once again, organizing a first rate VP Lunch; 88 people attended, a record number. The generosity of Old Wimbledonians never ceases to amaze.

The traditional Donovan/Richardson Fiddle raised a record breaking total of £610, of which £320 was donated on your behalf to the children’s charity, plus a further £478 for the Tour Fund that will enable some of our younger members to enjoy the experience of their young lives. Thank you all.
23rd March, 2016 From The News Editor HGR

Good Friday, Easter Saturday,
Easter Sunday, Easter Monday

From Tuesday 29th March the Clubhouse will be open as usual.

23rd March, 2016 From Johnno Gordon
As most of you will know, we are planning to stage the biggest event for over 20 years at the OWA in July. This is a cricket match where our own 1st XI will take on a team of ex-England legends in a T20 spectacular.

Below you will find two things, the one page leaflet that will tell you about the day, and also a media pack which goes into more detail about the sponsorships and tables on offer for the day.
Leaflet Media Pack

What those of us who are involved in putting the day on would like you to do either take a table on behalf of your own group of friends or your business and to approach two people that you know who hold senior positions within businesses or other sports clubs. We are looking to sell another 20 corporate tables at least and we need your help putting us in front of corporate figures.

Members tables are available at a discounted rate of £650 and we encourage people to book early. Please contact Johnno Gordon by email here if you would like a table. A 25% deposit is required to confirm the booking.

The day will include a 3 course lunch, speeches and Q&A's with players, a signing session, a T20 exhibition match (we plan on winning) and then dancing and drinking with a live band in the evening. It will be a fantastic day and we hope to raise a huge amount of money for the club.

Please show your support by sending the media pack on to friends and family who are in a position to book a corporate table or at least influence someone who can make that decision. There is plenty on offer for people who buy tables in regards to advertising

Any questions please do get in touch with Johnno by phone 07867 306381 or email here, but we really need everyone to make a difference here. The club will really benefit from this day and you can be a massive help.

Regular updates will be posted on the News Events Page and on Facebook.
21st March, 2016 From The News Editor HGR
Fixtures - 27th March


1's vs Kingston Road HOME POSTPONED





Results - 20th March
1's vs Thameswood Palace LOST

2's vs AFC Cannons LOSTCUP

3's vs No Game Scheduled

Strollers vs FC Spartans DREW

Sat vs 4-1 WON

21st March, 2016 From Tony Palmer
Sinnott Society Meeting March 23rd
Just a reminder to you all about the March Sinnott Society event at the College on Wednesday March 23rd.
The guest speaker is Jonathan Taylor (OW 1981-86), who is one of the leading sports lawyers in the world. He studied at Oxford and qualified as a lawyer in both the UK and USA and has worked on some interesting cases for the RFU, FA, Chelsea FC and is currently working in London and Moscow on work relating to the current doping scandal.
More info here
21st March, 2016 From Tony Palmer
1959-66 Reunion News March 2016 Update
Again not much to report this month, though the highlight is we’ve found Bob Byrne and Peter Scoging since February. The updated list of those in our year we have found can be viewed on the Reunions Page: 42 email addresses, so again some progress, but again not enough. Keep looking.

Time to start planning a few details. We’ll need some background music at OW’s. Sounds of the Sixties and so on. Does anyone have a compilation, audio or audio/visual?

Or do any of you have premium subscriptions to YouTube or Spotify which we could use to make our own ad-free compilation? Call me on 07711 454 117 or email.
Can't Do 22nd July?
We now have nearly 10 Names who for one reason or another can’t make our 22 July date. Bryan Tully has suggested we facilitate organising another date for those thus inconvenienced and for any others sufficiently masochistic to want to go through the “I-can-remember-your-face-but-not-your-name-thing” a second time.

If this applies to you tell me, and tell me where you live. Might make more sense to have this alternative event outside the London area. Or we could do as the Class of ‘65 do, and have an Annual session at a suitable hostelry. Comments welcome on all this.

But for the rest of us, check the date is in your diary. Spread the word if you can. Practise your alternative to the School Song. Watch out for the Formal Invites in mid-April, and when you get yours please respond as soon as you can to help us plan Your Day.
Old Photos or Movie film (no video back then)
Most of you must have old photos of the 59-66 vintage lying around somewhere. Please have a hunt around and email them to the News Editor (Henry Gordon Ruffell) so that we can add them to the Archive and perhaps create a collage (or is it montage) for display of the 22nd.

See you in July if not before.

Tony Palmer

21st March, 2016 From Brigitte Barnett
George McPartlin - Funeral Arrangements
The family have requested that instead of flowers, donations if desired/in lieu to Parkinsons UK or Alzheimers UK
A reminder of the date:
The Sacred Heart, Edge Hill
at 10:00am
on Wednesday, 6th April
15th March 2016 From The News Editor
National School Junior Sevens 2016 Champions
Wimbledon College
Congratulations to the whole squad.

Today’s winning team Captain Nathan Jibulu, Archie Brosch, John Currie, Cassius Cleaves, Lucca Buttacci, Jaden Equaibur and Sonny Nicoll

Picture courtesy of Gina Kane
If anyone has a video of the final we would love to post a copy.
Send to the News Editor here
15th March 2016 From The News Editor
George McPartlin RIP - Funeral Arrangements - 6th April, 2016

There will be a Requiem Mass for George at

The Sacred Heart, Edge Hill
at 10:00am
on Wednesday, 6th April

to be followed by cremation at the Putney Vale, Crematorium at 12 noon.

There will be a reception afterwards at the OW clubhouse to which all are warmly invited to join the family in celebrating George’s life.

We are expecting a large attendance (as of tonight the Facebook page entry has been viewed by nearly 800 people) so it would greatly aid the organization of the catering if you would let Liz Scott know if you if you will be attending the reception.

To Email Liz click here

OWRFC 1st XV 195? -See the full team photo in The OWA Archive here
15th March 2016 From The News Editor

This Saturday

Vice-Presidents Lunch

Reception 12:15pm
15th March 2016 From The News Editor

RP Sevens - Wimbledon College 15-7 Ysgol Gyfun Glantaf

National Junior Champions
Tournament Results here

Wimbledon College 7s in Rosslyn Park U13s final at 4pm.

Live streaming on
10th March 2016 From The News Editor
George McPartlin RIP
We heard the sad news from Gerry McPartlin this morning that his brother George died on 7th March, in St George's Hospital, Tooting. He was 82 and had been ill for some time with pneumonia on top of Parkinson's disease.

George was the oldest of the 4 brothers who attended the College - the others being John, Joe (who died in October 2013) and Gerry.

George taught PE and Maths at the College for nearly 40 years. He was also a stalwart of the OWRFC and OWCC, captaining both.

Funeral details will follow when they are known.

We send Gerry and his family our condolences at this very sad time.
7th March 2016 From The News Editor
College U13s Sevens Success
The U13's have now come away with the spoils in both of the prestigious tournaments they have entered so far this season.  After winning the St. John's Beaumont Sevens before half term, they were also successful at the Warwick sevens on Saturday February 27th.
They next compete in the Surrey Sevens on Tuesday 8th March, before rounding off the season at the Rosslyn Park National Sevens on Monday 14th March.
Further details on the College Website.
4th March 2016 From The News Editor
Fergus McGovern RIP
Sad news has reached us that Fergus, an OW died last Friday. Our sympathies go out to his family.

This is a reprint of one of a number of obituaries/tributes to Fergus on various computer gaming industry websites.

"Fergus McGovern, the ‘80s whizzkid behind developers Probe and Hotgen, has passed away.

McGovern found success at an early age when he co-founded Probe Software (later Probe Entertainment) in 1984. The company quickly secured licences for arcade games and film spin-offs, counting Mortal Kombat, Alien, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, OutRun and FIFA Soccer among its strong catalogue, which scored seven Christmas top spots.

After selling Probe to Acclaim in 1995 – the same year he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Joysticks – McGovern went on to co-create toys and games firm Hotgen. He later re-launched Probe in 2010.

Outside the world of video games, McGovern was a member of toy firm Jakks Pacific’s board, associate director at Crystal Palace football club and an active fundraiser and charity worker, for which he was awarded the Freedom of the City of London.

He also executive-produced the video games documentary ‘From Bedrooms to Billions’. McGovern’s sudden death is believed to have been caused by a cerebral blood clot as the result of a transatlantic flight at the weekend. He was just 50.

He leaves behind his wife, Deanna, and their three children: Abby, Ryan and Ella.

Read another obituary here
The battle resumes Sat/Sun. 12th, 13th March

Saturday: Ireland v Italy 13.30 followed by England v Wales 16.00
Sunday: Scotlandv France 15.00
Why not watch them at the Clubhouse?
4th March 2016 From The News Editor
Results & Fixtures - No game last week
Latest League Table Next Fixtures
4th March 2016 From Peter Chamberlain
Lourdes Hospitalite Newsletter March 2016
This extract from the end of the newsletter particularly struck me - Ed

"From time to time the Hospitalité receives requests to accompany invalid pilgrims who are on their own in Lourdes around the Sanctuary. One such request was received while three of our party were loitering in the Bureau. The hotelier making the call said that the pilgrims concerned were English-speaking and so our three volunteered to accompany them. They met the pilgrims at the St. Joseph Gate: a family group, sitting in two taxis.

It became immediately apparent that one man in the group had considerable difficulty walking while another needed a stretcher; the group did not have their own wheelchairs. A quick trip was made to the Accueil Notre-Dame to requisition a voiture and a tranglot & brancard, and our group set off. It also became clear at a very early stage that the family group did not speak a word of English!

In fact it turned out that they were Kosovans living in Germany. With difficulty, they made their wishes known: first and foremost, they wanted to visit the Baths. They duly arrived at the Baths, where I happened to be on duty that afternoon. They were taken into the baths and re-emerged, satisfied and grateful for the experience.

It was only afterwards, speaking to some hospitaliers working inside the baths, that I discovered that the family of pilgrims was Muslim. Of course, Muslims also have a devotion to Our Lady as the mother of the prophet Jesus.

It can only be in Lourdes that it is possible for Muslims and Christians to share such an intimate act of devotion as bathing in the spring of Masabielle. Perhaps peace has a chance after all."

More - download the whole newsletter in pdf format here.
Posted 1st March, 2016 From Tony Kerrigan

The March 2016 draw prize took place at the clubhouse The first prizw winnner, Emma Brosch plucking John Dowds' inning ticket from the hat.

The winners were:-

March 2016
£1000 John Dowds
£150 Johnnie Murtagh
£100 Tom Dattenburgh-Doyle
£50 Andy Salmon (again)

If you are interested in joining the BPC please email Tony Kerrigan
Posted 23rd February, 2016 FromTony Palmer
1959-66 Reunion - February update
Again not much to report this month, though the highlight is we’ve found Bryan Tully and John Sheaf since January. Once again, attached is the Latest List of those in our year we have found: 40 email addresses, so again some progress, but again not enough. Keep looking.
When this Odyssey started last July, I had kept in touch, on and off, with only Paddy Weston from our year. And I’d met up with Harry Groenen occasionally. But seeing what Gene Hartfield was doing in setting up a reunion for our older brethren made me think we should do the same. So Paddy, Harry and I talked through what we might do, and now we are in touch with around 40 from our year about doing it, with a bunch more from years above and below, and even a select few teachers from our era.
The point of all this is that along the journey I have swapped notes with a whole bunch of people I haven’t seen, heard of, or in many cases even thought about, for fifty years. I’ve talked to or met up with over 20 of you. And it has been an uplifting and gratifying experience, seeing how life has treated us all and how well we’ve SURVIVED those Fifty Years. It’s as if I’ve come full circle. Not Back to the Future exactly: more Forward to the Past.    
So if there are any of you who may be wondering whether it’s worth the effort to show up on 22 July, don’t even think. You have to do this. Not just because you will almost certainly never have another shot at a Fifty Year Reunion. But because as far as the kids from Wimbledon College in the ‘60s are concerned, as I have already realised, these are great guys. They were then. They are now. Enjoy their company, maybe for the last time. It will be a special day, and you will regret it only if you miss it.
Check the date is in your diary. Spread the word if you can. Watch out for the Formal Invites in mid-April, and when you get yours please respond as soon as you can to help us plan Your Day.

See you in July if not before.

Tony Palmer

PS    Henry Ruffell has brilliantly managed to get the whole of the 1960 School photo in one place on the OW’s website.  Here’s the link:
Posted 27th February, 2016 FromThe News Editor
Last Week's 1st XV Result
A Unique Peal of Bells
Old Wimbledonians 16 - 3 Kingston

Joe Bell was the first product of the Warriors to make an appearance for the first XV.

Even more remarkable is the fact that he is the third generation of Bell to represent the OWRFC 1st XV.

Grandfather, Eddie made his first appearance 60 years ago in March 1956 against St. Georges Hospital whilst still at the College. He was at school on Saturday morning when the call came through from the OWs. We did that in those days. The OWs won 12-3 and Eddie, like Joe, scored a try, worth 3 points then.

Father Matt made his debut 30 years later in 1966 and so neatly a further 30 years have elapsed when finally a unique treble was achieved

Match Report and League Table click here
This Week's Warriors U13 Result
University Vandals 5 – 49 Warriors
Scorers Tries Luca Buttacci, Harry Humphries, Cameron Lewis, Riley McGuiness, Joe Scrivenor Cassius Cleaves (2), Khari Mendez (2)
Conversions Archie Brosch (2)

Well done everybody

Email Kelly Southern
or text her on 07583 251834

Contact by Email to Evan de Silva here
Posted 19th February, 2016 FromThe News Editor
The 1959-66 50th Anniversary Reunion
Biographies Auto or otherwise

If any attendees to this event would like to provide a potted biography of themselves (including pictures) please send to the News Editor (Henry Ruffell) or Tony Palmer (The Event Organiser)

Links to your Facebook or Linked in pages would also be helpful.

At least then there will be a basis on the day for a conversation with long lost classmates.

The Organiser

Posted 19th February, 2016 FromThe News Editor
The 1959-66 50th Anniversary Reunion

Lost Sheaf Returns to the Flock.

In the course of intensive research to track down members of the 1959-66 fold, Henry Ruffell found evidence of the whereabouts of John Sheaf. This article from the Hampton Hill website was invaluable and will also give you some idea of John's whereabouts, background and expertise.

Here you will find an example of John's scholarship, and here a list of some of his publications.

It took a while to make contact with John but now we look forward to renewing acquaintance with him on 22nd July this year.

You can see a list of those we have made contact with so far but we are still a long way short of a full house. If any of you are aware of the whereabouts of any of our missing bretheren the please provide us with any clues and we will do our best to track them down.
Find out more about the reunion here.

Posted 16th February, 2016 From Peter Chamberlain
Last Week's Result
This Week's Fixture
Old Cranleighans 35 - 0 OWs
No match Report available, presumably the venerable E G Bell took a break.
No Warriors matches

Email Kelly Southern
or text her on 07583 251834

Contact by Email to Evan de Silva here
Posted 16th February, 2016 From Peter Chamberlain
Wimbledon College Lourdes Hospitalité News

2016 Working Parties.

This year's working party dates are:
First party: Friday 19 August to Saturday 27 August
Second party: Saturday 27 August to Saturday 3 September

I'm delighted to say that Fr. Peter Griffiths will be joining us this year as our chaplain. Welcome back, Father! If you have not done so already, please let me know if you are intending to join one of the parties. In the case of the first party, could you also tell me if you are planning to travel independently, or would like to be included in the group travel arrangements (probably train).

Non-working party

As in previous years, there is also the opportunity to accompany the first party in a non-working capacity, with accommodation provided in a conveniently situated hotel. Please get in touch if you are interested in this option.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Wimbledon College Lourdes Hospitalité will take place on Friday 18 March 2016 at 7.15 p.m. In the Sacred Heart Parish Lounge.
There will be the opportunity for us to come together beforehand for the 6.30 Mass at the Sacred Heart. As usual, please bring some snack food to share and the bar will be open, thanks to the Sacred Heart Social Club.

Please let me know by email if you're attending by Monday 14 March.

Two posts are up for election this year: that of ordinary committee member, currently held by Maureen Gordon, and the post of Secretary, held by myself. Please could you let me know if you have any nominations for election, preferably before the meeting itself. I shall send out the agenda nearer the date.


This has been delayed, I'm afraid, as I've been gallivanting about on my travels! I will issue it soon.

Very best wishes - please keep in touch.

Get involved

If you are interested in getting involved with the Hospitalité or would just like to know more you can contact P:eter by clicking on his name here. Peter Chamberlain

You can find more information, including the minutes of the 2015 AGM on the Hospitalité page here.

More Information

I have contacted Peter to obtain some pictures of previous pilgrimages. If anyone else out there has pictures or stories of this noble activity please send them to me here so that I can publish them here.

Posted 16th February, 2016 FromJohn Simmonds

Next Sinnott Society meeting. 23rd March 2016

Venue: The Hall at Wimbledon College. SW19 4NS.

Jonathan Taylor, one of the world’s leading sports lawyers, has agreed to speak to us. A partner in a large law firm Jonathan was at Wimbledon College from 81-86 and subsequently qualified in both the UK and the USA. He works at the forefront of current commercial and regulatory issues, nationally and internationally.

More about Jonathan (pictured right) can be read here

John Simonds has sent me his latest letter to Sinnott Society Members which you can download here,

If you are interested in joining please contact John by clicking here.

Posted 12th February, 2016 From Mike Parsons
This Week's Fixture
1st XV Result
No Fixture last week
Warriors Results
Under 13s
Under 15s
Warriors 29- 0 Warlingham
Warriors 13 - 0 Wimbledon
The Warriors U13 XV finished their CBRE Surrey League 2 season with a convincing win.

Tries came from Leon Davies, Luke Curtis, Cassius Cleaves, Charlie Shinn and Nathan Jibulu with conversions from Archie Brosch and Chris Serra.

This was the fifth time in five league matches that the U13s had not conceded a point as against scoring an aggregate of 197 points. Their victims were Reigate Pilgrims, Dorking, Old Rutlishians, Sutton and Epsom and now Warlingham.

Many congratulations to all of them and their management team.
Try scorers Jacob Whelan and Mile deVito Austin. They are 3rd in the league.

Under 18s
Warriors 22 - 26 B'sea Ironsides
Coach Matt Bell was a little disappointed with this result having held an interval lead of 17pts to 5 pts. However, a strong second half wind enabled the opposition to claw back the deficit and go on to win.

Book your place by email to Kelly Southgate
or Text 07583 251834
France v Ireland KO 2:25pm
Wales v Scotland KO 4:50pm 

Hot'n' hearty food option being served 3pm-5pm @ £7.50 per head; bookings not required  but food offered on a first come/first served basis.
Italy v England KO 2pm 

Sunday Breakfast menu available until 2:30pm; bookings not required. Food offered on a first come/first served basis. 
Posted 11th February, 2016 From The News Editor
Fixtures 13th/14th February
1's vs Kew Tudor HOME

2's vs Jolly Gardeners AWAY

3's vs Leatherhead AWAY

Strollers Sandrock Vets CUP HOME

Sat vs Kew Park Rangers HOME

Results 6th/7th February


Sat vs Darkside CUP WON

1's vs Old Kingstunians WON

2's vs Jolly Gardeners LOST

OWFC News & Gossip
Feb 10th Manager of the Strollers, Allan Gould, was so concerned with the number of headers missed by Andrew Newell last week that he sent him for an urgent X-ray and CT scan of his head. Sadly the results confirmed that Andrew's head is the shape of a 50 pence piece, There's no hope!!!
Feb 7th 1's drop leading scorer Alan Gardner and promptly go and dominate the oppo and win by the odd 3 goal margin. Manager Dan Norman says "With Mavin in the side do we really need Alan? He's got a fight to get back in!"
Feb 6th Mavin announces that he will be striving for the Golden Boot. "I believe that I should play up front for all the teams that I play for as I am the hottest striker in the club at present and I don't understand why the managers can't see this!" he announced to all who wanted to listen!
Were there any? - Ed
Posted 11th February, 2016 From The News Editor
1959-66 Reunion News Update
Apologies from your News Editor, Tony Palmer emailed me a progress update on 18th December but due to technical issues I never received it.
However, I have it now you will find the complete update on the reunions page. You can find it in Reunions via the sub-menu of Membership. or just click here. You will find it in chronological order between November and January.
Attached to the update was a copy of the proposed Agenda for the Day. Download it here.

Also attached to the update was a copy of The School Song download a PDF version here

Finally there were a series of images of the 1960 Panorama picture of the whole school (which with acknowlegement to Tony Hughes' magnificent efforts) your Editor has stitched back together again. You can view the full sized image here. It's a big file (4MB) and you will need to scroll a lot.

The BIG Challenge

Hopefully you can identify yourself, but, what are the chances of being able to identify the whole school, pupils and staff? I am currently constructing a spread sheet which will help you to fill in the names. I have pencilled in about 40 so far.

You can download two versions of the picture a 100% version and another 50% of the original.

You can also download a reasonably current version (updated weekly) of of the project spreadsheet.

Please add names of those you can identify and email it to the News Editor.

Posted 30th January, 2016 From The News Editor
Rugby Fixtures, Results and Reports, inc. Warriors

Result - 30th January, 2016
Old Wimbledonians 29 - 22 Old Emanuel

OWs Halt OEs Charge
(Match Report & League Table )

Does anyone take pics of the 1st XV? Please send them to me please - Ed (here)
Farnham u18 15 - 7 OW Warriors u18

U13 Warriors v Sutton and Epsom

Luca Buttaci's first try

The U13 squad vs Sutton and Epsom

Stiill wanted
Contact Margaret Parsons

Book your place with

Kelly Southgate click to email
Text 07583 251834

Posted 3rd, February, 2016 From The News Editor
Fixtures 6th/7th February, 2016
3's vs Dundonald 'A' AWAY CUP

Sat vs Darkside AWAY CUP

1's vs Old Kingstunians HOME

2's vs Jolly Gardeners HOME

Strollers vs tbc

Results 31st. January,2016
Strollers vs Sandrock Vets FC CUP WON

3's vs Leatherhead Ath WON


1's vs Tolworth Ath WON


News Report - 31st. January
Jan 31st The Strollers welcomed back Captain Joe Fowler from his pilgrimage to the Caribbean but were dissapointed by the no show of Woody for this vital cup match. Joe explained that Woody was off to support the MK Dons against Chelsea in the FA Cup!!!!! Shame on you Woody!!!!
Jan 31st Canny operator the 3's manager, Zeki borrowed the best 2's centre back and than called on the Strollers saying he needed a centre back. Result the 3's had a backline to rival the 1's!
Jan 31st Something to make you feel your age. An oppo player asked Paul Mac in the Strollers whether he played walking football! I think the reply should have been yes for the last 90 mins!
Jan 31st Great Day, All OW teams playing won! Hat tricks from the 3's Ola Copafeelee and the Strollers Prowling Pole and a double in the 1's, although manager Dan Norman maintains that Mavin's "goals" should be put down as own goals. Something for the dubious goals panel! It should also be noted that Ola owes the 3's a jug!
Jan 24th 3's brilliant run in the Surrey Cup comes to an end, perhaps on another day!
Jan 10th Ground waterlogged, all home games lost. Away games only cancelled Sunday morning. Why is it that some oppo won't take the trouble of checking the pitch on Saturday? It wasn't as if we were going to have a sudden heat wave to dry the puddles up?
Jan 6th Good news as the Millennium Cup team reach the quarter finals after 3 straight wins.
Posted 1st February, 2016 From The News Editor
An Apology

Sorry for the absense of news, reports etc. over the last several days. No valid excuse except pressure of work. Below are a number of pieces to help you catch up. HGR

Posted 1st February, 2016 From The News Editor
Get ready for 5 weekends of fantastic International Rugby showing on the multiple big screens at the OWA clubhouse from Saturday 6th Feb. until Saturday 19th March, which just happens to coincide with the OWRFC Vice President's Lunch.

Bob and his team of bar staff will be on hand to ensure that you are served quickly and professionally during the games to make sure you witness every exciting moment, with no doubt a little wit and teasing thrown in for good measure, and we will of course be offering food throughout, menu dependent on game kick-off times and general club sports activities:
Saturday 6th Feb
France v Italy KO 2:25pm
Scotland v England KO 4:50pm

Hot'n' hearty food option being served between 3pm-5pm @ £7.50 per head; bookings not required but food offered on a first come/first served basis.

Sunday 7th Feb
Ireland v Wales KO 3pm

Sit down @ 2pm for a truly scrumptious 2-course Sunday roast @ £12 per adult and £6 per child (under 12); bookings required and must be confirmed by Thursday 4th Feb by email to Liz Scott.

Saturday 13th Feb
France v Ireland KO 2:25pm
Wales v Scotland KO 4:50pm

Hot'n' hearty food option being served between 3pm-5pm @ £7.50 per head; bookings not required  but food offered on a first come/first served basis.

Sunday 14th Feb
Italy v England KO 2pm

Sunday Breakfast menu available until 2:30pm; bookings not required but food offered on a first come/first served basis.

Err, okay it is actually St Valentines Day but please don't let that stop you enjoying the game at the clubhouse Why not treat the love of your life to a slap up evening meal somewhere really posh to make up for it.

Friday 26th Feb
Wales v France KO 8:05pm

Sorry folks, late kick-off, no clubhouse food available prior to this game.

Saturday 27th Feb
Italy v Scotland KO 2:25pm
England v Ireland KO 4:50pm

Sit down @ 3pm for another truly scrum-ptious (here it is again….) 2-course Sunday roast @ £12 per adult and £6 per child (under 12); bookings required and must be confirmed by Thursday 25th Feb by email to Liz Scott

Saturday 12th Mar
Ireland v Italy KO 1:30pm
England v Wales KO 4:00pm

Hot'n' hearty food option being served between 1pm-3pm @ £7.50 per head; booking not required  but food offered on a first come/first served basis

Sunday 13th Mar
Scotland v France KO 3pm

Sunday Breakfast menu available until 2:30pm with hot food option served between 3pm-5pm @ £4 per head; bookings not required but food offered on a first come/first served basis.

Saturday 19th Mar
Wales v Ireland KO 2:30pm
Ireland v Scotland KO 5pm
France v England KO 8pm

WOW, this is going to be a very long and successful day for some people…it is also the end-of-season OW Rugby Club Vice Presidents Lunch so there will be no additional catering available on this day.

Remember, food is optional only and the clubhouse is open to all members who simply want to pop down and watch the games with family and/or friends and enjoy a few beers along the way.
Posted 1st February, 2016 From The News Editor
OWCC 2016 Golf Day
The Old Wimbledonians Cricket Club is holding its 3rd Golf Tournament on Sunday 20th March 2016 at Horton Park Golf Club, Epsom.

Entry is open to any member of the OWCC/OWFC/ OWRFC/OWA and will cost £35 for the day inclusive of a full English Breakfast (vegetarian option available) from 10am onwards with the first tee off time at 11am.…
Posted 1st February, 2016 From The News Editor
Chessington Old Boys in Town
We had a couple of College boys from 1965-71 who joined us for lunch at the clubhouse prior to the home game last Saturday. Jim Crowley and John Latter, who played at Chessington between 1970-73, would be delighted to contact any of their old team mates from that era, or anyone who remembers them from their days at the College
Jim can be contacted on LinkedIn and Connect6
John can be contacted via Jim
Posted 20th January, 2016 From The News Editor
Rugby Fixtures, Results and Reports, inc. Warriors

Update from 30th January, 2016 - 16th January,, 2016
Old Whitgiftian 41 - 25 Old Wimbledonians

OWs Throw Away Half Time Lead
(Match Report & League Table )

Forthcoming Events

Stiill wanted
Contact Margaret Parsons

Events You might have missed

Overzealousness* and Penalties Cost U18s at Dorking
*not a word you see often in headlines. Thanks Eddie G B
Saturday, 24th January, 2016
Dorking u-18s 10 - 8 Old Wimbledonian Warriors u-18s
Match Report Here
U13 Warriors First Loss
17th January, 2016
OW Warriors 17 -23 Effingham & Leatherhead Eagles

Points Scorers
Khari Mendez 10,  Leon Davies 5,  Harry Byrne/Gibbons? 2
U13s Back on Track with a Vengence
24th January, 2016
OW Warriors  45  v  0 Sutton & Epsom
Scorers: Tries: Hicks-Flynn, Cleaves, Buttaci (2), Lipke, Rebolledo Callot, Humphries. (NB: Mendez Stephenson & Eguaibor also scored tries in friendly phase after competitive match halted early).
Match report and pics
Posted 20th January, 2016 From Tony Palmer
1959-66 Reunion News Update

Tony Palmer 1962Here’s the update on progress in the last month with arrangements for our Reunion next July. Not that much to report through the haze of seasonal celebration:

The Latest List of those in our year we have found can be viewed here: 38 email addresses, so again some progress, but again not enough. We’re not half way yet, so do please search those memory banks and electronic little black books for email addresses. Or even postal addresses. Even better, convert addresses to phone numbers and we will follow up. Is this something you could help us with?

We are finding quiet a few in foreign parts, especially North America: Michael Marshall in Washington DC, Robin Kuhl in New York State, Lawrence Trickey in Ontario Canada, and Les Fortuna in Florida. I’ve suggested a charter flight.

More seriously, if you want to invite a brother who attended the College, please just do so but tell me his address so we can inform and cater accordingly. On that note I’m sure you will be pleased to know we will be joined on the day by Nick O’Connor, Charlie’s brother, coming from Australia and incidentally eclipsing Peter Mildner’s long-distance travel plans.

We’ll send out the formal invites in April, (so we have as much time as possible to find our classmates), enclosing a form on which you can indicate which of our spectacular Agenda Items you wish to opt out of – if any.

We are now in 2016. The 50th anniversary of England’s World Cup triumph, Hovercraft, Centre Point, the height of Beatles and Swinging Sixties. And it’s also our anniversary. See you in July if not before.

All the best for now
Tony Palmer

PS. Stop Press: Friends Reunited announced yesterday that they’re closing down their website. I doubt this will take long. Maybe time for one last sweep for friends you’d like to see in July

Posted 20th January, 2016 From The News Editor
A Nice Picture of the College Assembled at The Sacred Heart
(from the College Website Home Page) wait for the third image
- for a larger version go to the archive.
Posted 20th January, 2016 From The News Editor
Rugby Fixtures, Results and Reports, inc. Warriors

Last Fixture- 16th January,, 2016
Old Wimbledonians 36 - 5 Old Freemans

OWs Demolish League Leaders
(Match Report & League Table )

Next Fixture


A volunteer is required to liaise with the Rugby Football Union and Surrey Rugby in the organization of coaching courses and refereeing courses for members of Old Wimbledonians Rugby Football Club.

If you can help please
email Margaret Parsons
or Tel: 01483811103
U13 Warriors Unbeaten Run Continues
10th January, 2016

OW Warriors 43 -0 Effingham & Leatherhead Eagles

Points Scorers
Nat Jibulu 15, Chas Shinn 5, Cass Cleaves 5, Jaden 5, Lucca Buttaci 5, Tadg 4, Jack 2 Archie B 2
Posted 18th January, 2016 From Johnno Gordon
Professional Cricketers Association Masters Event

On behalf of the PCA Masters Day Committee, Johnno Gordon and the OWA Senior Cricket Section would like to invite members along to the PCA Masters presentation on Jan 28th at the OWA clubhouse.

The aim of the evening is to sell sponsorship packages and tables for the Event Lunch.

To this end they have put in place an incentive for any members who bring along someone who either buys a table for the day or who sponsors the event. The incentive is £50 loaded onto your OWA Membership Loyalty Card free of charge.

The event will start at 8pm on Thursday Jan 28th with wine and nibbles available, alongside our normal bar service.

A presentation from both the PCA and Johnno himself will outline what the PCA Masters are all about, sponsorship opportunities and how the day will run.

The OWA would very much welcome business owners from inside the club to get involved and sponsor the day.

For more information click here, or email Johnno Gordon direct.

This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to hear first hand what the PCA Masters Day is all about, and the impact it could have on the OWA Development Fund.  Your questions and feedback during the evening will be very much appreciated.

Posted 15th January, 2016 From The News Editor
Picture Archive Additions
OWRFC Warriors U13 2015 Pics added and 1st XV vs Old Midwhitgift 2009-10 added. View them here
Posted 15th January, 2016 From The News Editor
OWA Going Global
Our latest visitor stats show that this site now had more than 1500 unique vistors from 49 countries.
Whilst the bulk of visitors are from the UK we have been viewed in all 5 continents from Turkey, Taiwan and Tajikisan to Serbia, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia.
In addition our Facebook page is proving increasingly popular as it now reflects the contents of this site.
This map shows our global spread. So if you are trying to track down old friends/classmates this site and Facebook offer a possible avenue to find them.
To see a more detailed analysis go here
Posted 13th January, 2016 From The News Editor
Rugby Fixtures, Results and Reports, inc. Warriors & College

Last Fixture- 26th. December
Old Rutlishians 17 – 38 Old Wimbledonians

Awaiting Match Report
(Match Report)

Next Fixture


A volunteer is required to liaise with the Rugby Football Union and Surrey Rugby in the organization of coaching courses and refereeing courses for members of Old Wimbledonians Rugby Football Club.

If you can help please
email Margaret Parsons
or Tel: 01483811103
Posted 11th January, 2016 From The News Editor
John Earl RIP - John's funeral

St Michael's Catholic Church, The Marld, Ashtead KT21 1RS, on Friday 22nd January at 10.00am.

Posted 11th January, 2016 From The News Editor

The December 2015 draw prize took place at the clubhouse The first prizw winnner, Mick Getgood would like to thank Sally Osling for plucking his ticket from the hat.

The winners were:-

December 2015
£1000 Mick Getgood
£170 Ian Haynes
£100 Des Nangle
£50 Evan de Silva

If you are interested in joining the BPC please email Tony Kerrigan
Are you a member of The Big Prize Club?


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