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OWRFC VPs Lunch 19th September, 2015

VPs Lunch Sept 2015
OWA Dinner 2013
Clubhouse pics 2007?
OWCC Quiz Mar. 2007
Ground Pics 2005/6/7
VPs Lunch Feb 2007
Rugby World Cup 2007
VPs Lunch Sept 2006
OWCC Ball 1995 at
The Hurlingham Club

OWA Dinner 2013

Bryan Snalune, Graham Turner, Finbar Murphy O'Connor
(Harry Groenen - back to camera)

2007 Clubhouse Pics - probably





Cricket Honours Board


Vapour Trails over Coombe Lane
Cricket Club Quiz Night March 2007














General Clubhouse and Ground pics circa 2005/6/7  

The end of the poplars 2007







The Usual Suspects
OWRFC VPs Lunch February 2007  












Brian Mullen 2007  

OWRFC 2007 Rugby World Cup  
















OWRFC VPs Lunch, September 2006  








Cricket Club Ball 1995 - Hurlingham Club

Matt Bell

Gordon & Sue Ruffell